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Part of the TotallyRichmond website that covers the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, this page is dedicated to all the things to do in Twickenham. 

Known around the world for the rugby stadium, Twickenham has lots more to offer!  And interestingly, Twickenham has twice the population of Richmond which is partly why it's the administrative heart of the Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

Twickenham Stadium

  twickenham rubgy   Twickenham Stadium is the largest rugby union stadium in the United Kingdom, seating 82,000 and the second largest stadium in the UK after Wembley Stadium.  

Strawberry Hill House

Strawberry Hill House   Strawberry Hill House, Horace Walpole's 'little gothic castle' has reopened after a £9 million restoration. Open to the general public and now with cafe and gift shop.

Eel Pie Island

  eel pie island Eel Pie Island can only be reached by boat or footbridge. The island has about 50 houses and nature reserves at either end. It is home to Twickenham Rowing Club.  

Twickenham Museum

twickenham museumTwickenham Museum reveals some of the history of Twickenham, Whitton, Teddington and the Hamptons. Worth a look if you're nearby.

Radnor Gardens

  Strawberry Hill bowlsThe Strawberry Hill Bowls Club was founded in 1920 and meets in Radnor Gardens. Ladies were the founder members of the Middlesex County Womens Bowls Association.  

Strawberry Hill

strawberry hill  
Although called Strawberry Hill, we haven't seen many strawberries or hills. However, there is an abundance of beautiful blossom trees in the area.  

St Mary's University College

St. Mary's became a University College in 2007 and is renowned for teaching PGCE, sports and sports science degrees, but offers more than 30 undergraduate courses including Film and Television. 
St Mary's University College
St Mary's Student Union  

Alexander Pope

Alexander Pope   Alexander Pope - generally regarded as the greatest English poet of the eighteenth century - moved to Twickenham in 1719, and created a famous grotto and gardens.

Twickenham Green

Twickenham Green is the surviving fragment of the eastern section of old common lands called Hounslow Heath.  During the summer there are regular cricket matches.

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Hotels in Twickenham

There are quite a number of hotels in the Borough - including several in Twickenham itself.  For more info visit our Twickenham hotels page.   

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