Richmond Recycling

We believe that recycling is important, and we're pleased that Richmond borough offers a multitude of options - including household pick-up.  Currently 32% of the borough's household waste is being recycled, and half of Richmond upon Thames residents recycle on a regular basis.

Richmond Council runs a very effective food waste recycling scheme - with free household collection.  They will accept most food stuffs - and definitely not garden waste and nappies.  Richmond upon Thames households produce over 85,000 tonnes of waste every year; enough fill Twickenham Rugby Stadium.

Not sure what day your rubbish will be collected?  Richmond Council's website can tell you the next collection day for your street.  Recently the council have also started collecting Christmas trees in the New Year.

Richmond Recycling

Richmond Council's Recycling Centre at Townmead Road, Kew (also known as the Kew dump, Mortlake dump and the Richmond council dump) will dispose of a range of electrical items that cannot simply be thrown away - including large household appliances such as washing machines, cookers, fridges, freezers, televisions and computer monitors.  

For more info on recycling in Richmond upon Thames (and Richmond Surrey itself), contact the Richmond Borough Recycling Office on 08456 122 660. 

Kew Dump

The rubbish dump in Kew, Richmond can be found at Townmead Road (off Mortlake Rd / South Circular, Kew. Telephone 020 8876 3281 for more details or visit the council's website.

Their opening hours are usually 8am to 6pm (April to October) and 8am to 5pm (November to March).  Sundays and public holidays opening hours are 9am to 4pm (closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day).

Householders can recycle aluminium foil, batteries, books, cans and empty aerosol cans, car batteries, cardboard, christmas trees, cooking oil, electrical equipment, energy saving lightbulbs, engine oil, fire extinguishers, fluorescent tubes, fridges and freezers, gas bottles, glass bottles and jars, green waste, hazardous waste, metals, mobile phones, paint, paper, paving slabs, plastic bottles, rubble and hardcore, shoes and textiles, soil and clay, spectacles, toner and ink cartridges, wood and timber.  If you wish to dispose or recycle commercial waste, please call in advance to check.

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Recycling Tips: Shopping

1. Make a shopping list so you buy only what you need
2. Choose a bag for life instead of plastic carrier bags
3. Buy refills instead of a brand new bottle
4. Avoid convenience foods with layers of packaging
5. Buy goods with a high recycled content Most Richmond supermarkets now charge for plastic bags - we think this is a great way of making Richmond residents think more carefully about recycling.

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