Indian Restaurants in and Around Richmond

Richmond upon Thames has an huge selection of great Indian restaurants (although the majority seem to be in Twickenham).

It's now common knowledge that the trusty chicken korma is one of Britain's favourite dishes. But our understanding of this amazing cuisine remains very limited - many of the restaurants we consider as Indian are actually Bangladeshi, and according to Wikipedia (which as we know is never ever wrong) there are 36 regional cuisines within India. Next time you're at your favourite curry house we recommend you ask a few questions of your waiter - and discover more about the food we all love.

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Richmond Indian Restaurants

Taste of Mogul
45-47 York Street, Twickenham, TW1 3LP
Award winning and family run Indian restaurant on York Street specialising in Bangladeshi and Indian cuisine. Always delicious. They have lots... (more on Taste of Mogul)

Taste of Gurjurat
12 Red Lion Street, Richmond, TW9 1RW
Taste of Gurjurat is an authentic Indian restaurant with cuisine from across the sub continent including the hearty dishes of... (more on Taste of Gurjurat)

406 Richmond Road, Twickenham, TW1 2EB
One of our favourite Indian restaurants in the area the food is consistently high quality and the service is... (more on Tangawizi)

Taj Mahal Restaurant
9 Petersham Road, Richmond, TW10 6UH
Richmond Indian restaurant that was established in 1966. They also deliver. (more on Taj Mahal Restaurant)

Sylhet Spice
57 Kew Rd, Richmond, TW9 2NQ
Richmond Indian restaurant on Kew Road (more on Sylhet Spice)

Sheesh Mahal
21 London Rd, Twickenham, TW1 3SX
Another excellent Twickenham Indian Restaurant the food at Sheesh Mahal is always of a high standard and the service excellent. They have an exceptionally... (more on Sheesh Mahal)

Sheen Tandoori
275 Upper Richmond Road West, East Sheen, SW14 8QS
Sheen Tandoori says they work hard with their suppliers and follow the seasons around the world to ensure that they offer the... (more on Sheen Tandoori)

Rara Nepalese Dining
279 Sandycombe Road, Kew, TW9 3LU
Really great Indian restaurant with a Nepalese twist. The food is delicious and light as everything is cooked with... (more on Rara Nepalese Dining)

Monafs Bangladeshi Cuisine
119 Station Rd, Hampton, TW12 2AL
Traditional and contemporary Bangladeshi cuisine plus a Sunday buffet. Restaurant available for private hire parties. (more on Monafs Bangladeshi Cuisine)

Moiduls Twickenham Tandoori
33 Church Street, Twickenham, TW1 3NR
Winner of the Best Asian Restaurant in London 2012 in the Asian Curry Awards, so you can be sure of a decent meal at Moiduls. They offer... (more on Moiduls Twickenham Tandoori)

Moiduls Rawalpindi
62 King Street, Twickenham, TW1 3SH
Good posh indian food at the Rawalpindi. Its not cheap but the service and food is top notch and not just your run of... (more on Moiduls Rawalpindi)

Moiduls Hampton Wick Tandoori
36 High St, Hampton Wick, KT1 4DB
Popular indian restaurant in Hampton Wicks High Street. They claim to be one of the finest Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants in... (more on Moiduls Hampton Wick Tandoori)

Minar Tandoori Restaurant
195 High St, Hampton Hill, TW12 1NL
Hampton Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant featured in the Best Curry Guide 1993 95 97. (more on Minar Tandoori Restaurant)

Machaan Restaurant
5 High Street, Hampton Wick, KT1 4DA
They describe themselves as offering Select Indian Dining although the prices are pretty similar to the other local Indian restaurants. We hear good things. (more on Machaan Restaurant)

Jollys Tandoori Restaurant
2 Hounslow Road, Whitton, TW2 7EX
Jollys celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2008 so they must be doing something right. They offer takeaway and home delivery and are a Balti specialist.... (more on Jollys Tandoori Restaurant)

India Zilla
2-3 Rocks Lane, Barnes, SW13 0DB
Authentic Indian cuisine, served with a contemporary touch either in the choice of ingredients or presentation. Indian Zilla is the creation of chef proprietor Manoj Vasaikar.... (more on India Zilla)

Haweli of St Margarets
122 St Margarets Rd, St Margarets, TW1 2AA
Good quality Indian food but takeaway or delivery only. (more on Haweli of St Margarets)

Haweli of Barnes
7 The Broadway, Barnes, SW13 0NY
Haweli of Barnes has been a stalwart of Indian cuisine for many years. Right on the border with Mortlake, and renowned for... (more on Haweli of Barnes)

Green Spice The
88 The Green, Twickenham, TW2 5AG
Good local Indian restaurant that also offers free home delivery. Private dining area available. (more on Green Spice The)

East Sheens Taste of Raj
130 Upper Richmond Rd West, East Sheen, SW14 8DS
Quality Indian Restaurant with excellent service. Can be a little pricey. (more on East Sheens Taste of Raj)

Delhi Orchid
5 Petersham Road, Richmond, TW10 6UH
Delhi Orchid Indian Restaurant offers authentic Indian cuisine with a modern twist to it. We havent tried it yet but we hear... (more on Delhi Orchid)

Delhi Durbar
21 Church Street, Twickenham, TW1 3NJ
The Delhi Durbar has been serving for over 30 years. Good Twickenham Indian restaurant. (more on Delhi Durbar)

Cafe Masala
113 Kew Rd, Richmond, TW9 2PN
It may not look particularly impressive from the outside but weve had good reports on the food here. (more on Cafe Masala)

Bengal Brasserie
162 Stanley Rd, Teddington, TW11 8UD
A family run Indian and Bangladeshi Tandoori Restaurant located in Teddington that was established in 1986 (more on Bengal Brasserie)

27 York Street, Twickenham, TW1 3JZ
Authentic Indian cuisine with a Chef who has previously worked at a Michelin Star restaurant in Chelsea. Worth a visit. (more on Atithi)

231 Powder Mill Lane, Twickenham, TW2 6EH
Specialising in good quality Nepalese cuisine Annapurna is a bright and friendly restaurant in Twickenham. (more on Annapurna)

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