Education in Richmond

The educational side of Richmond life, such as schools, nurseries and where learning meets fun.

We also wrote a blog post about applying for primary schools in richmond

Richmond Learning

secondary schools in richmond surreySecondary Schools in Richmond
Info on the secondary schools in the Borough. Richmond has been rated the highest scoring Borough for secondary schools in the UK.

primary schools in richmond surreyPrimary Schools in Richmond
The A to Z of primary schools in Richmond, for both boys and girls.  Richmond upon Thames is considered to be one of the best areas in the UK for children's education. 

nurseries in richmond surreyNurseries in Richmond
The A to Z of nurseries and pre-schools in Richmond, for boys and girls.  Great places for your children to learn the basics!

kids learning in richmond surreyFun and learning in Richmond
Local activities for Richmond kids that have an extra educational benefit - spanning museums, nature, pottery and other kids clubs.

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