Cycling around Richmond

More and more people are taking to bikes - for exercise, reducing our carbon footprint, a gentle cycle around Richmond Park or simply to avoid the congestion charge on the way to work!   

If you're in the market to buy a bicycle or accessories, then take a look at our bike shops page.

On Your Bike!

richmond parkThe 'Tamsin Trail' is a 12km cycle path around the inside perimeter of Richmond Park.

It's not permitted to cycle off-road in Richmond Park as mountain bikes cut up the grassland and "put habitats at risk".  It takes between 45 mins and an hour to cycle the Tamsin Trail.  Please note that it's also a footpath.

Bike Hire

Richmond Station Cycle Centre
Richmond Station, Richmond, TW9 2NA
Bicycle sales accessories repairs and hire just by Richmond Station. (more on Richmond Station Cycle Centre)

Roehampton Gate Car Park, Richmond Park, Richmond, SW15 4
Parkcycle operate cycle hire in Richmond Park at the Roehampton Gate car park. At peak periods, such as school holidays, they also operate a secondary location... (more on Parkcycle)

Blazing Saddles
2 Bridge Boathouses, Richmond, TW9 1TH
In Richmond itself, down on the Riverside just by the bridge, there's a small bike hire facility called Blazing Saddles that hires bikes... (more on Blazing Saddles)

Other Cycling Info

Richmond Cycling Campaign represents the interests of cyclists in the London Borough of Richmond and organises one easy and one medium ride each month. These are free and start locally.
Merry Pedaller Bike Tours provide bike hire and historic guided tours. They are licensed by Royal Parks to take tours around Richmond and Bushy Parks.  

Bushy Park's Companion Cycling provides specially adapted cycles for people with special needs of any age.  

Founded in 1893, Twickenham Cycling Club was created with the primary object of promoting both social and competitive bicycle events.  It's still alive and well...!  

Kingston Wheelers is a a medium sized cycling club for performance cyclists of all levels.  Activities include road racing, time trialling, cyclo sportif, mountain biking and triathlon.  

Cycling Tours by Capital Sport.. Leisurely cycling distances on the majority of their tours - an average of 3 hours or 20 miles - leaving plenty of time to stop and explore en route.  

Njinga Cycling is a social cycling team that offers structured and progressive cycle skills and training programmes (both indoors and on the road) for groups as well as bespoke one on one sessions.

Richmond Council cycling courses. They offer three levels of National Cycle Standard training, currently on a one to one basis.  

Bike Safety

Always check your bike is in good working order - this checklist courtesy of Richmond Cyclist Training Scheme.

Brakes.  Make sure they work. Check that brake blocks are in the right position, not touching the bicycle yre and they are not badly grooved or worn out.

Brake Cables.  Make sure they are not frayed.

Tyres. Both should have a tread pattern showing all round.  Make sure they are well pumped up.this helps to avoid punctures and makes riding easier. Replace the tyre if you find any cuts, splits or bulges.

Wheels & spokes. Check for damage. Make sure cycle spokes are not loose.

Reflectors. All cycles should have a red reflector at the back, a white front reflector (as well as front and rear lights when cycling in the dark).

Steering. Can become loose especially if you use the bicycle for 'off road' stunt riding.

Handlebars. Make sure they have good grips and are lined up correctly.

Frame. Check that it is not bent and all nuts are properly tightened.

Pedals. Must be able to spin freely.

Saddle. Must be adjusted the height (toes touching the floor on both sides) and all nuts tightened.

Chain. Keep oiled and clean.

Gears. If the bike has gears, make sure that they are working properly and that your child knows how to use them.

Mudguards. If the bike has mudguards make sure they do not catch on moving parts.

National Links

CTC - UK's national cycling organisation
London Cycle Network
Cycling England - national body co-ordinating the development of cycling across England
London School of Cycling - cycling instruction for adults
Pedal in the Right Place - West London cycling tuition for both children and adults
Bikeability - Cycling proficiency for the 21st Century
Cyclist Touring Club - National cyclists organisation
London bike shops - list of local bicycle shops in London
Immobilise - stop bike theft by registering your bicycle model, make and frame number  

We want to hear about your favourite cycling routes in and around Richmond Surrey.  Richmond Park is one we hear about time and time again, followed by the towpath between Teddington Lock and Richmond past Ham House; and the other towpath between Twickenham and Richmond past Marble Hill House. Contact Us with your other suggestions.

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