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This is the page where we tell you a little bit about ourselves, and how to contact us!

About Totally Richmond

Totally Richmond is a locally run website dedicated to all things good in Richmond upon Thames. We launched just over 14 years ago in June 2006 and have been growing ever since, continually updating the content and improving (we hope) the usability of the site.

We are totally independent and have no external financial backing - we do it because we think this is a great place to live and because we love digital media. We've also learned so much more about the area than we ever would have done otherwise. (And eaten out a lot more!)

Contact Us

If you know of other places or businesses that we should be listing, or if you have ideas how you could contribute, please send us an

If that link doesn't work on your computer, then you can find us at

mail AT totallyrichmond.co.uk

(just replace AT with the @ symbol - we are trying to deter spam bots!)

And if you run one of those places or businesses and would like them to really stand out above the crowd - visit our advertising page.  

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