What Totally Richmond Tells Me About Your Eating Habits…

Did you know that if you live around Richmond and own a Mac computer you are more likely to prefer Turkish food?

Or that Blackberry owners are more partial to Moroccan and Seafood?

Or even that PC users gravitate towards French Restaurants?

I run Totally Richmond because it drives me to find out more about the local area.   To meet interesting locals.  To have an excuse to go out to a new restaurant.   Occasionally I get a nice email from someone telling me that I helped them by sharing some information.

And I learn a little about visitor behaviour on the site through Google’s Analytics system.

Generally I only review this visitor data on a very superficial level.

  • Are visitor numbers up or down?
  • Did anyone read that last blog post?
  • Are people more interested in rugby during the Six Nations?

But I spent all day yesterday stuck in a room with my laptop (long story, will tell you another time), and decided to dig deeper.  I discovered some intriguing trends that seem to indicate more about human behaviour and tastes than simply ‘do you like this?’.

So here goes.

According to our very own site, there are over 150 restaurants in the Borough, excluding pubs and fast-food.

The favourite cuisine is Italian, closely followed by the vaguely titled and categorised ‘Modern European’ restaurants.  Italian restaurants are always the most popular.

There’s a very wide choice around the Borough and the majority of restaurants – like Italians – are child friendly, which is important around here.

But more interestingly, different cuisines have different levels of popularity throughout the year.  Italian is at its most popular in the summer, as is Thai and Moroccan.

Indian restaurants are more popular in the late Spring, as are French restaurants.  I can’t explain that.

Christmas is the time that Chinese surges in interest versus other times of the year.   You are a mystery to me.

But I can delve a little deeper to compare the searched restaurant type with the visitors’ computers and internet browser (scintillating stuff!)

If you are an iPad or iPhone owner then Japanese, Bavarian, Seafood and American restaurants are more interesting to you than to those of you who don’t.  Mac computer owners love Turkish food.

They say that Mac users ‘think different’ (or at least they think they think different) and they certainly choose an eclectic mix of cuisines.  But maybe it’s because most of the Mac owners are artier (Mac initially positioned itself for graphics over business) and arty folk might be more trend conscious, sushi anyone?

Your PC owner is perhaps more traditional than their Mac friends.  They go for French.  The original and the best.  Or perhaps they spent less on their computers and can afford the more expensive restaurants.

And if we dig beyond the computer / mobile being used, we can look at the internet browser used.  Firefox and Chrome users over-index on Turkish, Middle Eastern, Lebanese and Persian.

If you’ve specifically chosen to use a non-standard browser it could mean that you are more adventurous. And your taste in cuisine reflects that. After all, Middle Eastern, Lebanese and Persian cuisine is, in the UK at least, off the beaten track.

Okay so these are clichés, but these trends are based on real user activity over hundreds of thousands of visits, so they have to hold some water. The truth is out there somewhere… are you part of the trend?

Or do you REALLY think different…