Weather in Richmond upon Thames

What’s the  weather doing in Richmond (London)?

This page has all you need – from the current five day weather forecast to the annual average temperatures and rainfall in the area and a few recommendations of things to do.  Just keep reading.

This weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget

Richmond upon Thames has to be one of the best tourist destinations in Greater London.  Offering plenty of activities for you and the family and with the unpredictable weather of the UK you can expect to do something to do in all weathers, so you will never be bored….


Looking for some inspiration, look no further.

Richmond upon Thames may be known for its treasure of beautiful architecture but this is one of few places that allow you to step back into history.  On a glorious summer day visit Hampton Court Palace where you will enjoy spending the day getting lost in its mind-boggling maze or have a picnic in the amazing grounds.  Or if you see yourself as more of a green fingered individual take a visit to Kew Gardens where you can be amazed by the finest plants and flowers available in the world.

Visiting the UK for the first time, you may not be familiar with the extreme temperatures the UK offers.  Contrary to belief London is one of the hottest places to visit in the UK.  Due to the large number of buildings and people there are in London you can expect the temperature to be a couple of degrees warmer than elsewhere in the UK.

The average rainfall is also not that high.  In fact Sydney is known for a higher rainfall that London.  Ok so that total rainfall may not be as high but the number of rainy days can be so much higher so you will want to have backup plans in place when visiting Richmond upon Thames.  Typical rainfall is 50mm per month.  If you do experience rain, escape to George Street and Hill Street where you will find lots of boutiques and luxury shops, or one of the many great pubs.

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It is very true that the weather cannot be predicted as it varies from year to year.  Tourists find that they experience a very hot summer but the following year it can be the complete opposite.  Day to day conditions vary and can change very quickly.

Spring/Summer Months

Be prepared for all possibilities!  Although the average temperatures are in the high twenties, you could experience a week of continuous rain or glorious sunshine.   But a true summer day in Richmond upon Thames is hard to beat, especially in Richmond Park.  It is London’s biggest park packed with woodlands, grassland and views that should not be missed.  If you look far enough you can spot St Paul’s Cathedral.  If you are adventurous enjoy horse riding or cycling.  Perfect things to do on those hot summer days!

Whether you are enjoy wildlife, history or lazy days on the River Thames there are plenty of things to do on these perfect summer days.

Autumn/Winter Months

Up until October the weather can be pleasant but as October approaches the climate starts to cool down and the average rainfall increases.  Wintry weather can be expected anytime from now.  By November you can expect the temperature to be in the ten’s.  Autumn is most certainly a noticeable change.  Richmond upon Thames will be cold but that should not stop you from enjoying and exploring the area.

Richmond Bridge fits in perfect with the area.  There are lots of eateries and bars around the bridge.  You may not be able to hire a boat in the winter months but the River Thames can be enjoyed all year round.  Take a walk along the bank watching cyclists and joggers, take a cruise along to Hampton Court or just sit in one of the many restaurants overlooking the River.

NB. If you’re travelling from afar, you may be confused with the naming of Richmond. Richmond upon Thames, Richmond Surrey and Richmond London are all variations on the same place. Just don’t get confused with Richmond in Yorkshire!