Twickenham to Teddington by Trolleybus

We’ve seen this video many times, but it always makes us smile, so we thought we’d finally share it.  The footage is taken from the first day of operation of the Trolleybus on May 16th 1931.

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a trolleybus, they are like trams but without rails and take their electric power from a pair of parallel overhead wires by means of a pair of booms fitted to the top of the vehicle.

The journey starts in the centre of Twickenham, down Heath Road past the The Three Kings and Red Lion, along Twickenham Green… and then jumps to Stanley Road and along to Broad Street in Teddington before heading back on the return leg.

The buses still look remarkably similar to those we see today, but all the cars in the video look like they’re from a totally different era.  While discussion rages today about roadworks, cycle paths and traffic jams, the roads of 1931 seems very quiet and safe.

We also love the keen cyclist who seems to slipstream the trolleybus for the entire route.