Things To Do In Richmond In The Rain

We get a lot of enquiries about things to do in Richmond when it’s raining – and many of those also ask about things to do with kids.  So we thought we’d commit some ideas to the blog.  Feel free to tell us what you do to pass the time on a wet afternoon.

1. Relax in the cinema.  There are few things better than demolishing an expensive bag of popcorn in front of a movie – whether that’s a blockbuster or arthouse film.  But we actually have more cinema opportunities than you might think.

A year or so ago we wrote about the secret cinemas in Richmond, and since then more and more places have started to show films on an ad hoc basis, including some outdoor venues in the summer.  Of course there’s also plenty of theatre, but that tends to be an evening experience.

2. Eat & Drink.  Since I spend more time thinking about my stomach (either the size of it or the lack of food in it) I find that grabbing a slice of cake and a coffee, a beer and a pie, or a full meal with a glass of wine are all excellent ways to avoid bad weather.  Sometimes this even works with the kids, although I need to be slightly more selective about the destination.

rain133. Get Wet.  Yes, sometimes you just need to face up to reality and enjoy the inclement weather.  Richmond Park isn’t just for the sunshine – and the benefit of heading there when it’s wet is that the car parks are all empty.  You could also cycle, but personally I find cycling in the rain as safe as juggling knives.

I always think that it might be nice to wander around Kew Gardens on a quiet rainy day but, as I’ve written many times, it’s even too expensive in the sunshine.

4. Soft Play.  Now I realise this isn’t for everyone.  In fact, it’s just for kids – and young ones at that. But if you’re stuck for something to do with screaming pre-schoolers it’s not a bad bet.  Some of the better facilities will even serve you a half-decent cup of coffee while you watch your children throw themselves around with wild abandon.

5. Museums.  You may think that all the museums are ‘up town’ in London, but that’s where you’d be wrong.   Both Twickenham and Richmond can entertain you with historical collections, and if you’ve never been to the RFU museum and you love rugby, you have to ask yourself why not?

I thought about adding ‘stay in’ to the list, shutting out the rain behind your window blinds, but that didn’t really seem in the spirit of the post.

What do you like to do in Richmond when it’s falling like cats and dogs?