The Perfect Mother’s Day

Written by Martina Mercer

Although many mothers wouldn’t dare to admit it, the perfect Mother’s Day would actually be a day without the children.

no kids, thanks.

(I’m ready with my armour for the sticks and stones that will no doubt be thrown at me!).

It may sound a little like an oxymoron, however Mother’s Day is supposed to be a reward for mums in recognition for everything they do for the little ones during the year.

There’s no better way to spend this time than without the responsibility of children for a few hours or even a whole day.

No eyeballs on matchsticks as you try to foresee the future in a hope to avoid accidents, no barrage of questions as you read the same sentence in a magazine over and over again and no banging on the bathroom door as you soak up the aromatherapy bubbles.

time for a break?

Me time is something that is taken for granted before children, but oh so precious after the birth of the first baby.  As mothers we feel a constant guilt that we could be using our free time (what precious little we have of it) for better tasks.  Reading a book, watching a film or eating a meal without indigestion seems like a luxury we’ll never experience again.

That’s why Richmond is the perfect place to raise a family, most of the community have moved here in a bid to bring up children just far enough away from the capital.  Events are plentiful with just a little digging, allowing the children to frolic with friends whilst you enjoy some time with your book, or even your partner.

You could even share with a friend, offer to take their children in the morning if they will afford you the afternoon, that way you can enjoy a glass of pink champagne by the river or even take advantage of the Mother’s Day specials that appear on every restaurant’s calendar.  Walking off the 3 course menu down the tow path of the Thames, you’ll be fully refreshed ready to greet the kiddies before tucking them up in bed.

However if you would prefer to spend the day with the little ones ask them to get involved.  Let them choose the ingredients for a picnic and arm yourselves with a ball.

After all this is your day and it’s only fair that Dad amuses the children in Richmond Park with a game of football whilst you lay back and relax enjoying the first taste of spring.


Martina Mercer is a freelance writer.