The Most Expensive Restaurants in Richmond

Across the borough there are many excellent restaurants.

But as we know Richmond is not the cheapest place to live so we thought we’d see if we could determine the most expensive places to eat.

To make this a manageable task we took some liberties with our analysis.

  • We took the price of the most expensive main course as the single factor. If a restaurant has one very expensive dish, and everything else is super cheap, we still include it in the expensive list. We could have taken an average price across the menu, but that just adds complexity and doesn’t necessarily increase accuracy. For example many Italian restaurants offer Primi and Secondi courses – so we would have had to consider whether to include both.
  • It’s just the price of the dish. No factoring vegetables, sauces or any other cost.
  • We list 184 restaurants on our site, so we didn’t have the time (or energy) to visit every single one and peer through the window to see the menu. We relied on the information contained on websites. Some restaurants either do not have websites or menus on them, so they were discounted. Riva in Barnes escaped the list as we cannot find a website anywhere.
  • We excluded restaurants that only offer fixed price multi-course menus. Based on our web research that discounted a few likely contenders such as The Bingham, The Restaurant at The Petersham, The Glasshouse and Al Boccon di’Vino.
  • We excluded dishes that were clearly for more than one person. There are quite a few restaurants that only offer Chateubriand for two, and some places offer large sampling dishes.

So what did we learn? Well based on our stringent rules above, the most expensive restaurant in Richmond Borough is…. Gaucho on Richmond Riverside.

a delicious Gaucho steak

Even though some of their steaks are clearly marked for sharing, there are many that are not and still cost way more than the highest price dish in the 2nd placed restaurant. In fact, if we broke out the top 10 dishes in the Borough (including all dishes from all restaurants) we’re pretty sure that Gaucho would be responsible for at least two thirds of that top ten list – and just in case we misread the menu we didn’t even list the most expensive non-shareable meal in our chart below, we picked something £10 cheaper!

At Totally Richmond we really love Gaucho, but have always found it pricey – especially the extra charges for sauces – but hadn’t realised that it was in such a different league to the others.

In terms of areas within the Borough, the top 10 are pretty evenly split. Two are in Richmond (we always thought A Cena would consider itself in Richmond or St Margarets, yet its address is listed as East Twickenham), two are in Kew and two are in Teddington. St Margarets, Petersham, Twickenham and Barnes fill the remaining spots.

And for the dishes themselves, they are all either fish or steak (other than one ‘roast whole grouse’), and from a mix of cuisines. That wasn’t really surprising.

Anyway, here’s the detail of our research, the 17 most expensive restaurants in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames! If you’re wondering where The Bingham, The Restaurant at The Petersham, Riva and Al Boccon di’Vino are… read our intro that explains why some restaurants were not included.

The Most Expensive Dishes
no. name location price description
1 Gaucho Richmond £53.25 Chateaubriand – centre cut lomo, slow grilled (450g)
2 Rock and Rose Kew £34.50 Lobster Surf & Turf – Rib-Eye Steak, Shrimps in Garlic Butter & Hand-Cut Chips
3 Kew Grill Kew £32.00 Fillet Steak – very tender, almost fat-free (9oz)
4 The Wharf Teddington £29.00 Whole Grilled Norfolk Lobster, chips, sauce Béarnaise
5 Petersham Nurseries Cafe Petersham £28.00 Wild Halibut with Fennel, Coco de Paim, Datterini & Cockles
6 Fishworks Richmond £26.00 Roasted shellfish served in the pan with Pallourde clams, mussels, prawns, Devon crab, and garlic glazed oysters with white wine, shallots and fresh parsley
7 Brula Bistrot St Margarets £25.50 Aberdeen Angus fillet with oxtail croquette, braised beef and butternut squash macaroni
8 The Depot Barnes £25.50 Roast whole grouse with parsnip chips, spiced red cabbage, glazed apples & bread sauce
9 Retro Bistrot Teddington £24.50 Roasted chateaubriand, bearnaise sauce, pomme pont neuf, French beans
10 A Cena Twickenham £23.50 Bistecca ai Ferri
11 Al Borgo Teddington £23.50 Filetto di manzo al lardo e rosmarino, servito con spinaci e polenta fritta
12 White Brasserie Teddington £23.50 10oz free range Cornish sirloin steak
13 La Buvette Richmond £22.75 Roast tronçon of Turbot, sauce Béarnaise and hand-cut chips
14 Georgina's Barnes £22.00 Lobster Burger and Summer Slaw
15 Annie's Barnes £21.95 12-oz Scotch Rib-Eye Steak & Chips with Béarnaise or Peppercorn Sauce
16 La Cloche at The Lion Teddington £21.95 Roasted ½ lobster, garlic butter sauce and steamed vegetables
17 Bacco Ristorante Italiano Richmond £21.50 Costatina di manzo con patate arrosto (Grilled prime cote du boeuf marinated with garlic and rosemary with roasted potato)

So, what do you think? Is this a surprising list? Are you shocked at the prices, or pleasantly surprised? What else can you deduce from our data? Are the more expensive steaks actually superior to the others? Leave a comment below!