The Best Cafes in Richmond’s Parks and ‘Stately’ Homes

Richmond upon Thames is jammed full of great places to eat and drink.  And it’s also home to many wonderful parks and houses.  We thought we’d pull those threads together to cover the best places to eat and drink in the parks and ‘stately’ houses of Richmond.

As always, these are ourviews, and other opinions exist… But we think we know what we’re talking about when it comes to the subject of coffee and cake!

The Best Coffee

Coffee… the nectar of the Gods

Deciding on the best coffee in Richmond (parks & houses) took some discussion because in all honesty there are plenty of places that serve very good coffee, but none that really wow.

The decision came down to the overall quality of coffee drinks from espresso to latte, and the consistency over multiple visits.  And we think that the baristas who hit the highest heights of coffee magnificence  are at ‘Karmarama’ at Orleans House.

Every cup has always hit the mark!


Best For Families with Young Children

The Pheasantry. iPhone spell check can turn it into The Peasantry.

There are many contenders for this category since there are so many families in the area, and most places realise that they can generate new business if they lay on a few extras.

Our winner is the Pheasantry in Bushy Park.  Why?  They have a good number of high chairs, offer kids drinks like babyccinos, small child-sized meals/sandwiches there’s space to leave buggies, good baby change facilities and the outside area directly in front of the cafe is great for the kids to run around safely.

Unless they go too far and jump in the river.

For adults the cakes are great, and the coffee is pretty decent.


Best for Sunday Lunch

Even better when the sun shines

Few of the cafes actually do a great sunday lunch.

And although we give an honourable mention to the Orangery at Kew Gardens, they are pipped to the post by the Tiltyard Cafe at Hampton Court Palace (in the free section of the grounds).  Both offer pretty delicious hot food for a cafe, but  the Tiltyard wins due to the presentation of the food itself  and also the prices….

It always seems to me that Kew is always more expensive than anywhere else, especially the admission.


The Best View

Tea at Pembroke Lodge

No debate here, the best view is certainly from Pembroke Lodge.

The tables and chairs on the terrace overlook the Thames towards Twickenham and on a sunny day it’s just one of the best places to drink a cup of coffee in the whole of England.

And it’s also one of the favourite places to get married in the Borough because of the view as well the ornate building.   It’s only let down slightly by the coffee and cake – which generally just feels a bit average.


The Most Charming

Another close call here with the ‘Committee of Taste’ cafe at Strawberry Hill House and Karmarama at Orleans House neck-and-neck – and interestingly (as far as we know) run by the same management team.

Strawberry Hill House has a stunning setting, and the cafe looks directly out on to the gardens with a small outside terrace.

Karmarama at Orleans House is situated in the old stable block and has kept many of its original features, including the stable dividers (don’t know the real equestrian word for this) themselves.

And just as we were about to decide, we suddenly remembered the cafe at Ham House, which looks out over an ornate market garden.

full of charm

But the winner… was Strawberry Hill House, because the building is just amazing, and it has the extra benefit of being a bit of a sun trap.

Now can anyone can tell us where the strawberries or the hills are?  We haven’t seen either.



The Most Delicious Cakes


This was an easy decision.  The Tiltyard Cafe at Hampton Court has the most delicious sweet things, beautifully presented.

From cupcakes to chocolate chip biscuits, flapjacks to brownies, every bite puts a smile on your face.  If you haven’t stopped for coffee and cake there, you’re missing out!


So thats our opinion.  Do you agree?  Would you suggest other cafes in Richmond?  Leave a comment and let us and everyone else know!