The Best Breakfast in Richmond Borough

For some reason it’s never very easy finding out about great breakfast and brunch places. Many seem to be local secrets that don’t make headlines.

So we thought we’d crowdsource a few local suggestions, and we did indeed learn about some new places.

This is what we heard!

Carol’s Place Cafe seems to have a great reputation in East Sheen but it’s only open on a weekday.  Described as the best Greasy[not]Spoon in the area.

The Albert’s Deli is always popular.  Great quality food, always tasty. Belgian Waffle’s, Full English, toasted bagels and even Boiled Egg and Soldiers!

Zoran’s Deli was called out.  Situated just by St Margaret’s train station, you said it has the “best Eggs Benedict this side of the river”.

Bills by Richmond Bridge sits just by Richmond Bridge and gets a range of feedback from “never fails – always fresh and hot. Super scrambled egg! Great service” to “really gone off the boil”.  Either way it’s well-located to start a walk along the River.

Annie’s earned an honorouble mention… “friendly staff and tasty tasty brunch”.  We actually prefer breakfast in their sister restaurant in (shhhh…) Chiswick, but this is still a good option in Mortlake / Barnes.

Arthur’s on The Green in Twickenham “do amazing breakfasts” and “really really good hot yummy food” – and we have also enjoyed their Full English.  Perfect when the sun is shining and it’s warm enough to sit outside.

The Greyhound on Kew Green. We didn’t get much info from this tweet… apparently it is “by far the best.”.  We had a quick look at their menu and they do all the classics from the Full English (including a Vegetarian version) through to Eggs Benedict.

The Love Food cafe on Hill Rise in Richmond “is great. Fresh orange juice and full breakfast menu.” And “just faultless food.  And fab juice” (or so you said)

Jackson & Rye down on Richmond Riverside.  We’ve had a good brunch here a couple of times.  You originally described it as an “amazing american brunch!” but one of our Facebook fans followed up to say they were not impressed.     So the jury is out.

Butter Beans replaced Taylor Street Baristas, famed for some of the best coffee in the area.  Breakfasts are reportedly good too.

The Fallow Deer in Teddington is always jam packed whenever we walk by (or stop by).  We like it.

And finally we have heard that “Carluccios has the best breakfast everywhere”.  Seems like this is also up for debate from some of our readers.

a healthier option...

a healthier option…

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

10 comments to The Best Breakfast in Richmond Borough

  • Jim Boulden

    What about Pickle & Rye next to Mortlake station???? Try the New York Scramble or the Eggs Benedict. Reservations advised on weekends. Not bad for a former sandwich shop.

  • Tara Maysey

    We’re spoilt for choice here in St Margaret’s as Sunshine & Ravioli & Brocca Antica do great breakfasts. You can’t help but smile when you go to Sunshine & Ravioli as the owner is very jovial and knows all the regulars by name. They do a smaller breakfast which is great if you can’t quite manage the full and their coffee is magic and hash browns yum!

  • What about the newly refurbed The Bridge on Richmond Bridge. The fry up is great and the french toast, maple syrup,mascapone and berries is to die for.

  • Noreen

    The Coach House Cafe in Marble Hill Park do a excellent Full English Fry Up! Lovely outdoor seating area too.

  • Patrick

    Focusing on Richmond, Bills is awful (the eggs they use shouldn’t be eaten), Jackson and Rye has a good spot on the River with ok food, and Richmond Hill Bakery is very good, albeit with a limited menu. Carluccios is a chain with very little regard for quality ingredients, but quite ok nonetheless. Finally – out of the places I have tried – the cafe in the terrace gardens is also very good. Sadly Richmond desperately needs a quality eggs benedict.

  • Rebekah

    I second Pickle& Rye In Mortlake. They make the absolute best breakfasts, and the staff are very friendly and helpful. It’s our favourite and we sometimes end up going more than once in a weekend!

  • Angelica

    Butter Beans cafe has an amazing breakfast selection alongside great smoothies – highly recommend as well as Rock’n’ Rose do a killer eggs benedict!

  • Pat

    Educated Palate do a mean breakfast and the Rugby special is a pure gut-buster. Very nice ingredients also. Fresh juice and decent coffee.

  • Rob Young

    Carluccios – average on its best day, how on earth does this get into a top place to eat?

  • Dave Hall

    For an English breakfast it has to be the Twickenham Cafe in the Staines Road – simply the best in town.

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