Secondary School League Tables in Richmond Borough

I wrote a remarkably popular post about primary schools in Richmond last year, so it seemed like a good idea to share the latest secondary school results, published in January 2013.

Hampton does well in the league tables. Photo by Motmit.

There are only 8 secondary state schools in the Borough (marked with an * in the table) and the others are all private in some shape or form.  It looks like there’s quite a divide in the academic results, and far more schools dropping results than improving.

Although three cheers for Richmond Park Academy and Hampton Court House School for major improvements.

Of course there’s far more to life than GCSEs (particularly at the Royal Ballet School), and many people argue that these league tables are absolute nonsense… but I will leave that up to you.

Richmond upon Thames Secondary Schools
School School town % pupils with 5+ A*-C in Eng & maths GCSE %-point change, 2011-12 % KS5 pupils with 3+ A lev at A*-E
Hampton School Hampton 100 0 100
The Lady Eleanor Holles School Hampton 100 0 100
St Paul's School London 100 0 100
St Catherine's School Twickenham 97 -1 SUPP
The Harrodian School London 95 -1 95
Waldegrave School for Girls* Twickenham 81 -6
Hampton Court House School East Molesey 76 +8
Christ's Church of England School* Richmond 70 0
Grey Court School* Richmond 68 +1
The Royal Ballet School London 68 -20 21
Orleans Park School Twickenham 65 -5
Teddington School* Teddington 63 -9
Richmond Park Academy* London 61 +18
Hampton Academy* Hampton 46 -1
Twickenham Academy* Twickenham 46 -3
Corona Theatre School Hampton 29

One final point – next to St Catherine’s School, in the A level results, it says ‘SUPP’.  I have no idea what this means – don’t shoot the messenger.  If you know, please tell.