Save Twickenham Film Studios

A guest post by local resident Maria Walker

In 1984, straight out of college I walked into a job at Twickenham Film Studios. I had no idea how fierce competition was for such a job or how lucky I was; it was a case of ignorance was bliss. I would pinch myself when I walked past the likes of Richard Attenborough who would actually say “good morning” to me. I was blown away!

Twickenham Film Studios

Twenty eight years later I am still blown away by Twickenham Film Studios and I cannot believe that the owners have allowed it to go into administration because of their lack of their lack of care and attention.

It won’t take much to return it to its former glory. It just needs a chance. There are people who really want to keep it as a film studio and have tried to engage with the owners but they can make more money by selling it to property developers.

It’s so important that we stop the administrators selling it to Taylor Wimpey. The site is 2.25 acres. It’s huge and if it were turned into a housing development it would cause much disruption in the area by way of traffic congestion as well as adding an awful strain to the schools which are already oversubscribed.

It’s really important that the locals really get behind this. It makes our community stand out from others. It’s been around for ninety nine years so let’s see if we can make it into the hundreds.

Maria Walker



Note: Maria did indeed save the studios!  Hopefully we helped in some small way.