Richmond’s Rising Tide… Flooding

Living close to the Thames (as almost everyone does in Richmond upon Thames), you’re probably well aware of the high tides and flooding.   You’re probably even more aware if you’ve ever had to take out household insurance.


Area in blue denotes flood risk. Image from Environment Agency

If you live downstream of Teddington Weir you’re supposed to be protected by the Thames Tidal Defence (TTD) system and of course the Thames Barrier at the other end but the Guardian recently wrote an article stating that flooding threatens 1 in 4 properties in London.

And the Independent reported that Floods could overwhelm London as sea levels rise, unless the Thames Barrier is upgraded.

The good news, for once, is that Richmond upon Thames isn’t the highest risk area our neighbours in Hammersmith & Fulham and Wandsworth rank #2 and #3 across London, and Southwark has by far the most properties at risk of flooding.

However if you’re concerned about flooding in Richmond you should review the council’s Strategic Flood Risk Assessment which details every part of the Borough.

According to their informative but not particularly entertaining report “Approximately 21,300 of the Borough’s 100,665 properties are located within flood zone 2” (medium risk) and “whilst the average burglary results in a financial loss of £900, the average financial loss to a family as a result of flooding is £28,000”.


But of course not all flooding is disastrous. Since we like to focus on the brighter side of life here at Totally Richmond it can sometimes be quite charming, as recorded by this video of a particularly high tide on Richmond embankment a few years ago.

And for those of you without video enabled on your device, here’s a recent photo by local tweeter @ShalmaBrend who captured the moment from Richmond Bridge.

photo by Shalma Brend

photo by Shalma Brend


and another by Maxwell Hamilton.

photo by Maxwell Hamilton (cc)

photo by Maxwell Hamilton (cc)

and Paul Navarro, from New Year’s Day, 2014

Richmond flooding

Photo by Paul Navarro

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