Review of Yo! Sushi Richmond

The nice people at Yo! Sushi recently contacted us to see if we’d like to try some of their new dishes at their Richmond restaurant. It didn’t take long to say ‘yes’ but we added a twist – we brought the kids along to see whether they were ready for a lunchtime adventure – both in terms of food and the way it is served.

Within moments of entering the restaurant both kids were jumping up and down with excitement.  Neither of them had ever seen food delivered around a room by conveyor belt – and to be fair I can remember the same sense of awe when I first saw the same, many years ago.

For those of you unaware of the Yo approach, their conveyor belts rotate past your table (or bar seat) with an assortment of dishes that you can pick up and eat… and each dish has a colour code that indicates the price.  To quote my 5 year old son “this restaurant is good because you don’t have to wait for the food”.

Between us we tucked into a good selection of dishes from the conveyor.  The highlights for the adults included the super-fresh Salmon Sashimi, the signature Yo! Roll (Salmon, avocado, mayonnaise roll coated in orange smelt roe), and both the Chicken and Duck Gyoza.   Although the kids were not entirely sure about the raw fish they really enjoyed the Prawn Nigiri, and they certainly tucked into the Gyoza before discovering that the belt also included desserts – but more of that later.

Popcorn Shrimp (one piece already eaten!)

Popcorn Shrimp (one piece already eaten)

I’ve always thought the secret to a good sushi experience is to take your time because it’s very easy to over-graze, so we did our best to slow the pace by asking for a few ‘special orders’ which are created from scratch, two of which were the highlight of the meal.

The Popcorn Shrimp Tempura was ridiculously more-ish.  It’s basically shrimp that have been glazed in creamy miso sauce and just taste delicious.  We would have ordered a second portion but noticed that they were one of the more calorific options on the menu (we always appreciate the calorie counts on any menu).

The other great special order highlight was the Hoisin Duck Oishii Bun; a steamed bun with shredded roast duck topped with hoisin sauce, spring onion, coriander and white sesame seeds. All I heard was “hmm, that’s really really good” and then it was gone.

Delicious Chocolate Mochi

Delicious Chocolate Mochi

So, to the desserts…  all of which were selected by the kids.

We all enjoyed the Custard Dorayaki Pancakes and had to evenly share out the delicious accompanying raspberry sauce to avoid a family riot, the Chocolate Mochi was amazing (Soft Japanese rice cake ball filled with dark chocolate ganache filling) and the fresh fruit plate was a great way to end the meal with a refreshing taste!

All in all we had a great time.  The kids had great fun choosing dishes, wrangling chopsticks, filling our water glasses from the table tap and (mainly) eating the desserts.  The adults really enjoyed all the food.

The atmosphere is vibrant, colourful and has a positive vibe.  While it’s good to sit at a table, the benefit of sitting by the bar is that you can watch the sushi ninjas in action.

For more info about Yo! Sushi in Richmond, click here.