Review of Cherry Woods Skin Clinic in Richmond

Cherry tells me she has two kinds of clients – those who think they have ‘problem’ skin, for example conditions prone to rosacea and acne, and those who want to keep their skin in tip-top condition by having regular treatments. I think there is a third category – those who find the idea of going to a ‘skin clinic’ a bit intimidating. Have your mind put at rest immediately – Cherry is nothing like those diffident, judgemental women one sometimes finds on make-up counters – she’s friendly and welcoming. Naturally, her own complexion is fresh faced and glowing; she obviously puts her own ideas about skincare into practice.

Cherry Woods

Cherry Woods

Cherry began her career at the famous Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden, moving on to work for a number of well known skin care brands, including Environ. Among other things, she became senior national trainer for the CACI non surgical face lift treatment. It was when she moved to the States in 2002 and worked as a make-up artist for Sky News, she developed her ‘Bloom Facial’. Back in the UK – living in St Margarets – Cherry set herself up with her own skin care business, honing in on the best procedures and best products. She currently uses Environ, Epionce, Hydropeptide and Eminence.

All ages visit her clinic, with core customers being in the 35 to 55 age bracket. Cherry has ordinary people like me attending as well as a long list of celebrities. Of course, she’s far too professional to let any names slip.

Cherry moved to her current premises in 2013. Quietly positioned down a side street off the main drag opposite Neal’s Yard Remedies, once you have met her and entered her cosy one person salon, you know you are in reliable hands and that a treat is in store.

For new clients, Cherry does a thorough consultation before a treatment. For this, she adds a nominal amount (£5) to the treatment price. A consultation on its own is £55, (redeemable against treatment) so you may as well book them both together; this obviously saves going away and having to come back again. My new client Bloom anti-ageing facial costs £105 and the treatment itself takes about 65 minutes. (Extra time is needed for the consultation first).

After removing my make-up, Cherry assessed my skin. She asked me if I had any particular issues and concentrated on those areas. She then proceeded to work on me silently and I fell into a blissful resting state.

First, active vitamin A and C and selected products are used to repair or alleviate sun damage, scar tissue and pigmentation. Deep massaging of the face then commences to improve lymphatic drainage. Next, deep cleansing is achieved with gentle peeling, steam infusion and pore extraction, if needed. Extreme cold is then applied to tighten and sterilise. Cherry massaged my face to release pressure which helps to reduce facial strain and frowning and then worked on my shoulders to remove those computer-enduced muscle knots. Cherry also massaged my feet, which was wonderful (an extended reflexology session (feet massage) may be added to the facial if you like – 25 minutes for an extra £40). A lifting botanical mask was then applied which is tingly but not unpleasant. Hot towels are used to remove all products and a delicious-smelling chamomile infused moisturiser is applied. Finally, an anti-oxidant botanical sun protection is used.

A quick look in the mirror – as Cherry left the room to allow me to dress – confirmed I was happy to leave the salon make-up free. It is very rare for me to feel comfortable doing this. I was genuinely impressed with my facial and I’m planning to treat a young female relative who has problem skin.

Cherry also does a Full Bloom facial which takes an hour and forty-five minutes and includes photo-rejuvenation and CACI non surgical lifting.

To book an appointment, it’s best to do it online. Saturdays and Thursday evenings are always popular – you may have to wait a few months as Cherry can only treat around five people a day. A tip from Cherry, if you think you might want to use her regularly, is to book several appointments over the next few months at once to secure your preferred day and time.

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