Olympic Torch Relay in Richmond

The Olympic Torch passed through the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames today (July 24th 2012).

I spent the morning in the beautiful sunshine, following the torch route, enjoying the atmosphere and taking a few photos.

First stop, Richmond Bridge, or thereabouts.

anticipation rising above the relay route

must be here soon

torches waiting in the bus

everyone ready?

i see a flame (look closely, you can too)

the runner appears for a fleeting moment

and then to Kew

helpful support staff at Kew Gardens tube station

the sun bounces off the cars at Kew Green

i quite fancy one of these

team Samsung know how to party

the Lloyds TSB crew don’t

a new runner appears and heads over Kew Bridge…

It was blisteringly hot, but great fun to see so many people out to celebrate the torch in our Borough. ¬†And it’s coming back on Friday, via the River! ¬†Expect to see the flame pass by Richmond Riverside around 9.30am. (see our photos of the torch flotilla)


And now some additional shots from the day courtesy of Vicki Sharp Photography:

Great atmosphere created by police and emergency services coming through first

copyright Vicki Sharp Photography

Anyone else find the mascot a bit creepy?

copyright Vicki Sharp Photography

Everyone stopped work to watch

copyright Vicki Sharp Photography

I think this is 15 yr old Sarah Austin

copyright Vicki Sharp Photography