Let It Snow!

I woke up this morning and Twitter greeted me with a number of great local photos of snowy scenes.   I always think that the snow brings new feeling to places.  It hides details and creates mystery.  It takes away clarity and sometimes adds a ghostly feeling.  It makes bright colours pop out against the white blanket background…

It only seems fair to share.  Thanks for sending them.

Richmond Green. Photo by Lucy Noguera, @monsterscantalk

I look at this shot and imagine walking over the crispy grass, wrapped up in a very thick coat.

Richmond Riverside. Photo by @LondonLilli

The blue really adds to the sense of cold here.

Twickenham Stadium in the snow. Photo by @RobMackmurdie

Let’s hope this thaws before the England Scotland game in a couple of weeks time!

A Few Flakes Fell In Richmond. Photo by @LondonLilli

So few of these red phone boxes, perhaps these have been thawed from a glacier?


Maids of Honour, Kew.  Photo by Melody and the Toy Boys

Maids of Honour, Kew. Photo by Melody and the Boy Toys

A very Christmassy scene opposite Kew Gardens.


Strawberry Hill House. Photo by @CindyCroucher

A gothic mansion in the snow.  Almost ghostly.


Mortlake Rd Cemetary. Photo by @teamawesomedjs

Blue with cold, but thankfully no ghosts….


Photo by @cjbelle (Clare Fowler)

I wonder if someone just bought those Hunter Wellies in a shop and dumped the empty box at the first bin they found?


Champagne & Snow. Photo by Pink Social Events @PinkSocial

It wouldn’t be a post about Richmond without champagne…


Clearing the rugby pitch. @RichmondAthletic

Sterling efforts from all involved clearing the pitch for the rugby later today…


Hampton Court in the snow. Photo by @JuliaBigsy (Julia Bigland)

Imagine how cold this would have been in Henry VIII’s time?  No central heating.  No laptop to keep your legs warm.


Hampton Court Gardens. Photo by @JuliaBigsy (Julia Bigland)

I love the way my eye is drawn down the path… another ghostly shot.


Twickenham Riverside in Silver Tones. Photo by @MumsnetRichmond

Love the colours in this shot.  Has an optimistic feel, I think!  All is well in the world…


On The Piste in Richmond. Photo by @sittingfool

Nice to see a shot with someone in it for a change!!!


Richmond Green. Photo by Leanne McKay @taratoot1

Another crispy shot of Richmond Green.


The Riverside Walk at Marble Hill House. Photo by @MandyBarbante

Spooky silhouettes and craggy tree branches along the river.


Richmond Riverside. Photo by @MelodyBoyToy

Seems that the snow is receding…


Sled Parking. Photo by @kakapojayne (Jayne Nelson)

The first snow shot without snow?  Outside Marble Hill cafe.


Saturday By The Ponds. Photo by @stevepafford

Another spooky shot of Richmond Park.


Terrace Gardens on Friday. Photo by @stevepafford

One more shot from Steve Pafford – this time full of colour and fun…


Photo by @twickeman

And as the sun goes down…


Urban Fox. Photo by @TotallyRichmond

I thought I’d add a couple of my own, just to round out the series.   Both are of foxes.  This one is family friendly, the next is less so…


Wild Life.  Photo by @TotallyRichmond

Wild Life. Photo by @TotallyRichmond

And then finally this amazing shot of a steam train heading over Richmond Bridge was forwarded to me through Flickr (but i cannot show it because it has license restrictions!).