Ice Skating in Richmond Borough

Yes, it is getting to that time of year when we think about making the most of the cold weather, putting on shoes with blades and falling over on hard cold ice.  But we love it!

And once again we have two ice rinks in the Borough, both with stunning surroundings.

Richmond Ice Rink

After the success of the Richmond Ice Rink’s relaunch in 2013 at York House, it’s back… but now at Strawberry Hill House.

They are open for ice skating from Saturday 6th December 2014 to Sunday 25th January 2015 (except for Christmas Day).  Adult tickets are £13.50, and kids just £9.50.  The 55 minute sessions will run from 9am to 7.55pm, and off-peak tickets are available on weekdays until 5pm.

As if a Gothic backdrop was not exciting enough, there are also promises of being able to skate with the White Knights (aka the Star Wars storm troopers) who are based Twickenham Green where their creator, Andrew Ainsworth, has his workshop.

You can find out all the latest info and buy tickets on the official Richmond Ice rink website.

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Ice Rink

Hampton Court Ice Rink

Once again, Hampton Court Palace hosts a temporary ice rink in its grounds from 21st November 2013 to 4th January 2014 (closed Christmas Day), right outside the front of the Palace itself.

It’s a stunning setting to get your skates on, and the sessions start at 10am and run right through til 10pm.

Adult tickets are £13 (peak),  children £9.50, for an hour session.  You can also hire an ice guide who can escort you and your group on the ice, and skating lessons are available.

You can find out more at the official website.

Local Skating History

We’re excited to have seen Richmond ice rink in recent years, but we have a long tradition of ice in these parts!

The original Richmond Ice Rink. photo from Twickenham Museum

Back in December 1928 the Richmond Ice Rink opened in Clevedon Road in Twickenham.

And it wasn’t just any old rink, because at 286ft x 80ft it was the longest ice rink in the world. Yes, the world.

Perhaps the most fascinating story connected with this original rink was that during WWII a 2000lb bomb fell on to the ice and slid into the machinery room.  Incredibly, it didn’t explode and the rink re-opened the next day!

However, after a series of sales to different owners, the original rink closed down in 1992.   You can find more info on the history of Richmond Ice Rink at Twickenham Museum.