Frequently Asked Questions

We get quite a few emails and tweets from people asking similar questions, so this post focuses on the most frequently asked questions, and our best attempts to answer them.  As time goes by, we may add more.

Can you recommend anywhere to take my parents / in-laws / significant other to lunch / dinner?

The answer to this question, every time is, tell us more.  Richmond Borough is filled with great places to eat, and even ‘not too expensive’ doesn’t really help because we have no idea what you mean by that.

What kind of cuisine do you want?  How casual or formal?  Pub or restaurant?  Family friendly?  We’ll happily help you if you help us, or you could shortcut the process by visiting our many pages on local restaurants, or perhaps a couple of our blog posts including the top 20 restaurants on our site and the best sunday roast lunch.

Can I book a stall / space at Richmond Farmer’s Market?

Possibly, but not through us.  We can tell you when and where it runs, but we have no direct connection to the Farmers Market.   We suggest you contact the Richmond Business and Retail Association.

Do you have a magazine?

No, we’re digital through and through.  Website, Facebook and Twitter.

Many years ago someone brought out a Totally Richmond magazine for a few months, but it had no connection to us at all.  It was a rather strange and confusing situation and had we been richer we would have called our lawyers – but one day they just stopped…

Can I write a guest post for your blog?

Yes.  We’re always open to local articles, but the over-riding principle is that they have to be useful and interesting for locals, and not just a veiled attempt at a free advertorial.

Some of our guest writers just write for the joy of being read, and we occasionally publish posts from local businesses who have expertise or knowledge to share that has broad interest.  Unfortunately we cannot pay for any contributions.  There’s more info on our contact page.

Can you include my business in your website?

Yes we can, if we have an appropriate category.  More info on this can be found here.