Fitness in Richmond

As a fitness fanatic with an inability to sit still, I’m forever on the lookout for new fitness classes that will take me away from the tedious, monotonous treadmill. Fitness is a huge part of my life and something I look forward to each day. Staying active not only keeps me healthy physically but it also really helps me mentally, boosting my productivity and general positivity.

My nearest and dearest can testify the fact that I am somewhat of a worrier and so my regular Yoga and Pilates classes are essential for clearing my mind and giving me sense of calm. Similarly, after long hours slogging away at work, kick boxing is my saviour, helping me vent my frustration and let off some steam while keeping me away from reaching for a large glass of wine.


In my blog I’m going to explore all things fitness in our beautiful borough, offering advice and reviews of the best classes to suit an array of interests, work/life schedules and fitness goals. I will also be recommending where to go for that post workout smoothie, coffee or cheeky pastry which is as much a part of my routine as the workout itself.

Please post any questions in the comments sections, I’d also love to hear of your own experiences and recommendations along with feedback on my reviews.

I’m always on the hunt for new challenges. If you would like for me to review your class or offering, please get in contact.

And of course there’s an entire section on the website for fitness in Richmond.