The Most Expensive House in Richmond

The average cost of property in Richmond seems to be on a constant rise.   There are many factors that drive prices up and it’s no longer a surprise to see houses for sale for £1,000,000 or more.

48958_RIS120087_IMG_00_0000_max_620x414However, I nearly fell off my chair this morning when I saw an ad for a six bedroom house in Richmond on Friar’s Lane.

Six bedrooms is obviously pretty big and it has 4 bath / shower rooms.

And I expect that as it’s quite a grand place it’s normal to have quite a few reception rooms (5 to 6, depending on the way you count them).

And finally it’s situated right on the River Thames.

According to Savills

This house has the most sensational views of the river and historic Richmond Bridge together with Twickenham Bridge and Richmond Lock up river. The architectural style is very impressive and the accommodation very versatile.

So it’s reasonable to expect that property would be on sale for two or three million.

But you’d be way off.

Even five million wouldn’t get your calls returned.

This house is on the market at £10 million.  Ten million quid.

Who can afford that?

(If you’re reading this and can afford it, please let me know if you’d be interested in advertising on our website).

But a quick trip to one of the property sale aggregator sites shows that there are at least 14 houses for sale in Richmond for more than £5,000,000.  And those are just the houses that are for sale.

Presumably only a small percentage of properties are on the market at any one time?   5% or less?

I remain speechless.

[and then a year later we were alerted to another house on sale (with 8 bedrooms) at £18 million!

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