An Apple Store in Richmond?

There’s constant change on our high streets.  It seems that every month Barnes welcomes a new estate agent, Teddington gets a new artisan something, Twickenham opens a new asian restaurant and Richmond says hello to a new high street fashion chain. The following month they all close down and someone new arrives.

We often ask people what stores they’d like to see around here. Two almost always get mentioned. John Lewis and Apple. And those pesky Kingstonians have both!

But today I’m writing about Apple, because based on the visitors to our website, Richmond Borough is all about Apple.  In fact, we should rebrand as the Apple Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

In the UK, approximately 10% of desktop and laptop owners have Macs. 25% of desktop/laptop visitors to Totally Richmond are on Macs.

So that’s 2.5 times the national average.  But the over-indexing isn’t just on traditional computers. It’s also true on mobile

In the UK, approximately 32% of mobile phone owners have iPhones. 73% of phone visitors to Totally Richmond are on iPhones.

You only have to walk down the street, pop your head into a coffee shop or just lurk outside the Odeon to notice this.  Everyone is looking down at an iPhone.  And the data is similar on tablets. iPad, iPad, iPad.

The Totally Richmond gang fall into this same trap. While the majority of hours on the site are spent working on PC-based computers, if you count the devices we use on a daily basis the iProducts take over.

In fact, on a Sunday morning this blog is being written on a MacBook.  And the trouble is that every new Mac product we buy, the more likely we are to buy another.  Not because they really are so much better, but because once you get locked into the Apple ecoystem, it’s hard to escape.

So we’d like an Apple Store in Richmond.

It needs to be much easier to buy over-priced technology that turns obsolete every 12 months.

Anyone else like one?