Compton: “Richmond will always have a strong place in my heart”

A guest post/interview by local sports journalist Jan Kapcia.

Nick Compton, a former Richmond cricker, who has opened the batting for England in India this week, has spoken of the importance of not getting carried away on his debut tour.

“It’s nice to wear the cap – it’d be nice to get the cap – but I think to wear it and wear it well, is a different thing.”

With all the fallout surrounding Kevin Pietersen recently resolved, there is an air of calm about Compton’s own game – an approach that could come to be very useful on an unforgiving tour of India. Compton remains focused and determined to make his opportunity count.

“Right now, I’ve been selected on the tour party, but as of yet, obviously I haven’t played a game yet and I haven’t even experienced it so, you know I’m quite conscious that while it’s great to be given the opportunity, it means nothing to me unless I can really make the best of it.”

When asked if whether or not he feels like he has now made it due to his call up, Compton’s answer was unequivocal: “No I’d never say that I’ve made it, I think that would be a mistake. I think I’ve reached a goal – one I’ve had my whole life, and that’s to play international cricket.”

This goal was helped by his time at Richmond, which Compton fondly remembers: “Richmond became quite a home for me,” one which he tries to visit as regularly as possible to see old friends. Did he enjoy his time in South West London? “Yeah, absolutely. Richmond will always have a strong place in my heart. It’s a lovely place to be as well.”

From his role as the club professional, Compton realises how although the pressure of the coming months may be greater than what he has faced before, it is all part of cricket’s learning curve. “I think the more cricket you play, the more levels and experiences you have, definitely conditions you.”

To the player he is now, Compton credits Richmond with their role in his development: “I think they had a huge amount of belief in me. I owe a lot to them for where I’ve got to today.”

An honorary son of Richmond has his chance to impress, with Compton scoring nine and 37 respectively in the First Test in Ahmedabad, on a tough spinning wicket. The squad departed for India on the 25th of October, for a four-Test series.


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