Fireworks Around Richmond 2016

It’s hard to believe, but fireworks night is just around the corner.  Another evening celebrating the Gunpowder Plot (or maybe celebrating the prevention of the Gunpowder Plot?) with a small glass of mulled wine and maybe a hot dog.

What we really like about these events is the sense of community they create.  Local

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Things To Do In Richmond In The Rain

We get a lot of enquiries about things to do in Richmond when it’s raining – and many of those also ask about things to do with kids. So we thought we’d commit some ideas to the blog. Feel free to tell us what you do to pass the time on a wet afternoon.

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Where To Buy A Christmas Tree in Richmond upon Thames

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat (etc). But more importantly, where can you buy your christmas tree in and around Richmond? The good news that there are lots of choices.

Our tree never looks anything like this…

Before you go out to buy your tree from any of these places,

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Christmas Lights Around Richmond

Santa Claus is just wrapping those last presents and the towns and villages in the Borough are going out of their way to make our high streets as festive as possible (while being fiscally responsible) for him.

This page runs through all the local Christmas lighting events, in date order. As always, please double

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Ice Skating in Richmond Borough

Yes, it is getting to that time of year when we think about making the most of the cold weather, putting on shoes with blades and falling over on hard cold ice. But we love it!

And once again we have two ice rinks in the Borough, both with stunning surroundings.

Richmond Ice Rink

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