Paddle boarding on the Thames

Five minutes paddle boarding along the Thames and I almost forgot my manic Monday and to-do list the length of my arm.

“People usually comment on how relaxing it is out on the water”, says James, my instructor and the founder of Epic SUP. “Once a person gets comfortable standing up on a board

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More Dog Friendly Richmond

This article is a guest post by – a tailor-made dog food company based in Richmond.

As a company of dog lovers we’ve adopted a dog friendly office policy. Luckily for us, Richmond itself is extremely dog friendly too – it’s almost harder to find somewhere that doesn’t accept dogs! Here, we the

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The Double Decker Club

Written by Alan Bissell

This is a story which takes us back to the mid 60s when a holiday across the Channel was something of a dream for many young Brits.

However, the Cliff Richard film “Summer Holiday” gave 22 yr old Tim Lewis of Twickenham an idea that captured the spirit of of

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Are Richmond’s Dancing Days Over?

Written by Sofia Farouk, Postgraduate at Richmond, The American University

A UK-wide survey released last week by the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers found that more than half of all the nation’s nightclubs have closed in the past 10 years. More specifically, the number of clubs operating in the UK has now fallen from

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Petersham Nurseries Wild Food Walk – Review

By reviewing Petersham Nurseries, I walk in the footsteps of countless gushing foodies. There have been many great stories about its once Michelin starred restaurant and the garden centre is easily one of the best in London.

Neither of these however were the reason for my recent visit to this Richmond favourite.

Some time

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