Fireworks Around Richmond 2016

It’s hard to believe, but fireworks night is just around the corner.  Another evening celebrating the Gunpowder Plot (or maybe celebrating the prevention of the Gunpowder Plot?) with a small glass of mulled wine and maybe a hot dog.

What we really like about these events is the sense of community they create.  Local

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Review of Bearcat Comedy Club

The Bearcat Comedy Club has been running for more than 25 years and can be found at the Turk’s Head in St Margarets / Twickenham. The list of acts they’ve hosted is like reading a who’s who of British comedy – from Bill Bailey and Lee Evans to Jo Brand and Steve Coogan. Very

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The Big Hullabaloo

The Big Hullabaloo is coming to Richmond at the RWC Fanzone at Old Deer Park in Richmond from September 25th – October 29th, with all shows taking place on days when the Fanzone will not be open for the screening of rugby matches. It all happens inside a 5,000 capacity big top with raked

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Richmond Theatre 2014

Richmond has one of the country’s most loved regional theatres, in the not-so-cryptically named ‘Richmond Theatre’. For those of you wondering what’s coming up for the year ahead, we took the liberty of listing out the performances until the big Christmas panto starring “international model, actress and Richmond Theatre patron Jerry Hall as the

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Kew The Music

The decline of the compact disc seems to have ushered in a golden age of live music. Bands have reformed, facilities have improved, and those of who can no longer describe ourselves as ‘young’ can enjoy live music in slightly more sedate (and stylish) venues … without fear of getting beaten up in the

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