Can I Bring Alcohol Into Twickenham Stadium?

One of the most common questions we get about Twickers is whether or not you can bring alcohol into the stadium, so here’s a quick summary of the rules and regs, when we last checked with them.

Like any big stadium or event, the RFU have certain rules regarding what you can and cannot do within the Stadium.  Of course the Police have their own set of public order rules, so don’t forget about them!

We’ll start with a few things that you CAN do.

  • If you book early enough, it is possible to get a parking space.
  • Be prepared for English weather.  Although most of the Stadium is under cover, rain has been known to move sideways, and walking to and from the Stadium is definitely not covered.  We suggest you go with layers – and don’t take an umbrella, as they are not allowed!
  • Eat and drink in the Stadium, even in your seats… and even alcohol (unlike Wembley).  There are lots of places to buy food in the Stadium and its grounds.
  • You can bring bags into the ground, but expect them to get searched.  There’s no place to store them, so if you do bring a bag, try to make sure that it’s one that you’re happy holding the entire time… or can fit by your feet.

But of course the list of what you CANNOT do is less fun:

  • No smoking in most of the Stadium.  It is allowed in the concourse only.
  • Don’t park in the streets.  Even if the permit holder signs suggest that it’s ok to park on a weekend, there are special parking rules on match days and the fines are increased.  This area extends a full mile from the Stadium, so be warned.
  • Don’t film the game.  You are not supposed to bring in any recording equipment of any kind, but since everyone has a camera on their phone, this is a tough one for the RFU to police…
  • Although you can buy alcohol in the Stadium you are not permitted to bring your own drinks in.  In fact you cannot bring in any glasses, bottles or cans.  It’s useful knowing that any beer or other drinks you do buy at the bars will be opened.  Even in the case of water, they will take the top and throw it away.  This is really irritating because it makes it much easier to spill, but they do this so that the bottle of water doesn’t become a potential projectile.

Of course we are human, and this information is accurate as far as we know.  Things change…