The Bounce Festival at Old Deer Park, Richmond

The Bounce Festival is coming to Richmond….!


A festival specifically designed to bring ‘educational’ joy to your kids and give parents a breather – packed with entertainment, nature, craft, cooking, science and more. Basically everything that kids seem to love.

Not only that, but like Andrex, it keeps on going since many of the activities are created so that they can be picked up and played again, even after the festival is finished.

It’s called Bounce (and they will) and it is being held at Old Deer Park on 10th and 11th August and hosted by Anna Williamson (from This Morning) alongside many other special guests.

Since we’re known for our piercing interviewing technique (or not), we asked Anna to tell us a little bit more about her involvement.


Anna Williamson

Have you been to Richmond before? Do you like it?

“Yes I’ve been to Richmond loads and i just love it. I’ve had friends perform in panto in Richmond for years who i’ve been to visit, and i’d love to star in theatre one day too.

There is such a village atmosphere, fantastic shops and general ‘feel’. I’ve had lunch by the river and jogged in the park -its the one of the nicest in London.”

You do a lot for children through various events. In what way is Bounce different and why did you choose to get involved?

“I think its so important to inspire young people and give them as much opportunity as possible.

Of all the kids focused events this year, bounce is completely unique, as it’s got so much to do! Activities and entertainment are what’s key about this event as there really is something for everyone…whether it be making things, doing experiments, dancing, playing – i challenge anyone to go home not totally fun-filled. I feel honored to be hosting a special weekend, trust me its a corker for all the family!”

Think back to when you were a kid – which activities would be your favourites and why?

“I loved baking and icing cakes, making vegetable patches with my dad and general imaginative play like making up ‘shows’… Much of which your kids can enjoy at bounce actually.”

Do you have kids, nieces, nephews? Which would they Like? Are they going?

“I have nieces, nephews, godchildren and a step daughter who are all clamouring to come. They’re going to love the dance troops and the craft activities. They love to get involved in what’s on offer, which is why this event is unique and perfect for all.

Come and join me on 10th & 11th Aug, and come say hi.”

And to fill us in with a little more background detail, we asked one of the main organisers of the event, Jonathan Edwards to tell us how this came about, and why they chose Old Deer Park…

Who came up with the idea of the festival and why?

“It was a group idea invented down the pub!

funBounce is run by a local company called Sledge. We’ve run lots of family type events for the likes of the BBC Blue Peter, Nickleodeon, Innocent Smoothies and more.

But in doing these events we came to realise that there’s not enough in the summer holidays for people with kids roughly in the 5-12 age group. Because a lot of us have kids of that age, out of a conversation down the pub, we decided to do something about it!

From here Bounce was born – designed to help parents entertain the kids over the summer in a really great way – with exciting shows, loads of activities wrapped in a cool festival atmosphere.”

What made you choose Old Deer Park for the event?

“We’re local and we love it. The Old Deer Park is one of the most beautiful spaces around – and used for relatively few events. So we figured local parents and kids should love it too.”

Richmond has lots of pre-school toddlers, are there any activities for them?   

“Yes – 0-3s can come for free, but there will be a play area specifically for these younger kids such as  a large soft play corner, small bouncy castle, and a range of outdoor toys.”

The main activities are targeting a slightly older age group up to age twelve years old.


You can find more about the Bounce Festival at their website