Barnes in the 1970s

Barnes in 1974, originally captured on Super-8.

Based on  this video, it’s very similar to the Barnes we know and love today.    The traffic is much quieter and the cars have changed shape, but it all seems very familiar.

Although this was the rock’n’roll hey day of the village with bands like The Eagles, Supertramp, Peter Frampton and The Rolling Stones recording at Olympic Studios in the 70s, I have been unable to recognise any legends roaming the streets.

I expect the only things that have really changed are the house prices.  According to Zoopla, the average asking price for a house in SW13 is now £1,424,890.   We had a quick look for some data to compare and found a graph that shows the rise of house prices at a national level.


Based on that, that same average house price in 1974 would have been £79,000 – although we suspect prices have risen faster in Barnes than the national average.