Autumn is here…..

As we approach the weekend, the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Unsettled would be a good word to describe how the forecast plays out over the next few days, in fact it turns particularly stormy through the latter part of the weekend with a deep area of low pressure sitting just to the north of the UK on Sunday. 

We’ve had a wet start today across the Southeast and whilst it will become dry for a time, it will turn increasingly wet again later this evening and overnight. A band of heavy rain pushing from west to east.

Ahead of this main rain band, a few showers can’t be ruled out this afternoon, so if you are heading out its definitely worth keeping your umbrella to hand.

 This rain is expected to clear by Saturday morning, turning drier and brighter with just the odd shower.

 The Met Office is keeping a close eye on how this area of low pressure I mentioned earlier develops on Sunday and into Monday.

The forecast shows heavy rain and gales for many areas – but especially in the north, where Scotland. Northern Ireland the far north of England will see winds gusting at 45-60mph. Coastal areas could see gusts as strong as 70mph.

For us on Sunday the day starts dry, but the winds will strengthen during the day and it will turn wet later. If you still have garden furniture outside it may be worth bringing this in. With the strong winds leaves will be blown off trees and the worst case of falling tree braches.

The windy and gusty conditions continue into the start of next week, with a notable cool and autumnal feel.

This unsettled theme is likely to continue for much of the week.