5 Funniest Moments at Twickenham Stadium

twickenham-stadiumOver the years there have been some amusing incidents at Twickenham Stadium, some of which have been caught on camera and shared.

Here are the five best clips that we’ve discovered!

1. The Bold Fox

First up is the classic footage of the fox that suddenly found its way on to the pitch just before the England Scotland 6 Nations game in 2011. We all know that there a lot of urban foxes in West London, presumably because the affluent areas are happy to throw away a lot of food, and many of us have seen them roaming the streets at night.

Experts believe there could be as many as 10,000 urban foxes in London and they thrive because they do not have a natural fear of humans. But to see one right in the middle of a stadium with 70,000 in attendance… well that’s pretty extraordinary!

2. Military Streaking

Next… the annual Army v Navy game always brings out the hi-jinx. I don’t know what it is about the armed forces, but they always seem remarkably eager to take their clothes off, and in April 2012 there were plenty ready to streak across the Twickenham pitch.  This video magically brings together all the highlights from that day.

[oh no! they removed the video from YouTube!]

3. Not So Steady-Cam

The England v France games are always tense, but there are always opportunities to find something to smile about. In February 2011 it was the turn of a cameraman to raise a cheer as he inadvertently finds himself the target of a long kick into touch.  Not so steady-cam.

4. Bowler-ed Over

Anyone who’s  been involved in the launch of an event or product knows that getting a great photo can significantly increase the exposure as editors like to have their newspapers, magazines and websites will use engaging shots even if the story is weak.

This video was made at the launch of the Heineken Cup in 2011 – when the all the club captains line up for a photo opportunity.


4. Kicking With Confidence

And now, the Australian Wallabies vs Barbarians in 2011. Victor Matfield steps up to attempt a conversion…

[oh no! they removed the video from YouTube!]

5. The Streak

If anyone was at the England v Barbarians game in May 2013 you’ll have seen this amazing run – but here’s a chance to appreciate his skill in slow motion. Fortunately the cameraman was on the cleaner side of the sprint.

We think those are pretty funny. Let us know if you’ve seen better!