2011 Census Results: Richmond upon Thames

We just saw the results of the 2011 Census for Richmond upon Thames on The Guardian website.

We’ve messed about a bit with excel to try and see how we compare with other local authorities:


55% of residents are employed

Earlier today the Government announced that national employment was at its highest level since 1971, with 29.6m people in work.

Of the 348 local authorities (England and Wales only) included in the survey, Richmond ranks 97th.  Number 1 is Rushmoor (Aldershot way) with 62.8% of the population employed.

Ceredigion in Wales are last with only 37.9% employed.

With the level of affluence in Richmond I’m surprised we don’t rank higher – but perhaps the affluence means that people don’t need to work?


24.7% of residents do not have a car or van in the household

When this data was first collected for the census, I imagine that the economic strength of a Borough was partly based on how many households had cars.  But perhaps now it’s the other way around, environmentally thinking – what percentage do not have cars because they use public transport or bicycles?  The City of London tops the list with nearly 70% of households ‘car-less’.  Richmond is number 114 out of 348.


11.3% of Richmond Borough residents arrived in the UK in the last 10 years

3.8 million immigrants arrived in England and Wales between 2001-2011, and we rank number 44 (that’s the top 15%) of the list.  However, Newham raced away with 31%… Westminster 28%… and Kensington and Chelsea in third place with just under 28%.    In fact London has 16 of the top 20 ranks.

Nationally the top five countries exporting population to England and Wales are (highest first) India, Poland, Pakistan, Ireland and Germany.


10.6% have no qualifications

Blaenau Gwent tops this list with 36%, and the ‘most qualified’ are (1) City of London (2) Kensington and Chelsea (3) Richmond upon Thames.   Neighboroughing Hammersmith & Fulham ranks 7th and Kingston 12th.

So at least we did really well in something.  Must have been all the revising for the census… or perhaps we just lie better than others.


55.3% are Christian

81% of Knowsley residents (Lancashire) are Christian, and only 27% in Tower Hamlets.  So that theoretically puts us somewhere in the middle, but actually we are 285th of 348 – so much closer to the bottom than the pure % would suggest.  The national average is 59% Christian (33.2 million people), and 177,000 people registered as Jedi Knights.

Clearly with all the recent hoo-hah around faith schools in Richmond, the Christian religion still plays a strong part in the Borough.


33.8% own their property with a mortgage or loan

Wokingham wins at 44%, and the Isles of Scilly are at the other end with just 10% owning property with a mortgage or loan.

Kensington & Chelsea are 2nd from bottom, which either means there are a lot of flats, or a lot of people who bought properties in cash.  According to the national data “Home ownership decreased four percentage points since 2001, but more people owned their home outright”


85.9% are white

Well you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realise that our Borough could be more ethnically diverse.

However the national average is 86% so in theory our Borough is fairly typical.

But for some statistical reason we are at number 274 of 348 – so Richmond is in the bottom 1/4 of the country for multi-ethnicity (or top 1/4 if you support certain political parties).  Allerdale in Cumbria is 98.9% white, and Newham is 29% white.


0.8% are in very bad health

Well that sounds good, doesn’t it? 317th place for ill-health puts us in the top 10% of healthiness.  Wokingham, Hart and the Isles of Scilly ‘win’ at 0.6% in very bad health, and Merthyr Tidfil loses with 2.8% of its population suffering.



Well none of this is very surprising is it?  The Borough is educated, white, in good health, mainly Christian and mainly employed.

I’m sure some of you have picked up other snippets or a