The Best Burger in Richmond upon Thames

By Jonathan, on October 26th, 2014

It seemed like such a good idea at first.

The plan was to ask our website visitors, Twitter followers and Facebook fans to nominate the best burgers around Richmond, so we could try them out and report back on the best. We didn’t bargain on having so many places nominated, and so the initial joy of “a great excuse to go out for a burger” later became “oh no, I can’t face another burger”.

After four weeks of randomly visiting nominated restaurants, we suddenly realised we were running out of time to complete the task and had to eat 10 burgers in the last 14 days including – and I kid you not – one for breakfast. In retrospect we should have paced ourselves a little better.

Along the way we learned that burgers tend to come in one of two styles; the gastro burger which can be identified by a brioche bun and an irregular shaped patty that appears to suggest that it has been handmade, and the American burger which generally has a classic bun and a more ‘tidier’ patty. Of course, there are a few rebels out there who mix it up…

But we are finally ready to offer up a verdict.

The Top Three Burgers in Richmond Borough

1. The Idle Hour, Barnes

Tucked away down an alley in deepest Barnes, the Idle Hour is not easy to find – and in fact we almost gave up when we went looking for it on a wet Monday evening. But it was worth the effort. The burgers are truly delicious, not just the best we have had in the Borough, but perhaps anywhere. Their organic steak mince burger served with red onion marmalade, mature cheddar and goose fat fries runs at £12, but on a Monday you can pick one up at half price for just £6. Excellent quality meat, cooked to perfection.

2. TW2 Bar & Grill, Twickenham

We had our second favourite burger at TW2, just by Twickenham Green. On two visits the burgers were perfectly cooked, oozing with taste and delivered in an ‘artisan’ brioche bun. We also really enjoyed their crispy, triple cooked chips. We received lots of votes for TW2 with several respondents praising their toppings including the smoky BBQ sauce. The TW2 Classic costs £11.

3. Kew Grill, Kew

Although we’ve had a few good meals at Kew Grill we hadn’t ever tried their burger. However it was no surprise to discover that their Aberdeen Angus Burger in a Grilled Onion Bap, with Home Made Cucumber Pickle, House Sauce, Mayo and Chips was ridiculously tasty (£12). For some reason it almost feels as if the chef personally crafted for you, it’s that good. They also have a Chilli Coriander Wagyu Burger which we didn’t try because we attempted to keep some consistency in our choices across the various establishments, but this is supposedly the house speciality.

Four Other Honourable Mentions

Mac’s Diner & Grill, Twickenham [unfortunately Mac’s Diner is now closed] We were deluged by nominations for Mac’s Diner, which only opened at the end of 2013. Mac’s is both great value and very kid friendly so it’s a great alternative if you have many hungry mouths to feed. Their American burgers are handmade with 100% pure locally sourced Hereford beef. Their Classic Burger and Fries was really good value at just £7.50, and was made even better with the delicious Blue Cheese topping which we added as an extra.

The Urban Diner burgers are handmade from the finest Hereford sirloin and chuck steak, served in a locally baked brioche bun. The cheeseburger was super juicy, dripping with cheese, and felt good in our hands as well as our mouths. Who knew that the weight of a burger and bun would have a bearing on how enjoyable it was to eat? It’s £8.50 for the classic cheeseburger plus £3.25 for their Diner Fries totals £11.75.

GBK has just been renovated in Richmond and is now super-shiny. Their classic beef burger is good but we actually think their best burger is the Persian Lamb – minted feta, harissa mayo, rocket, pickled onion and relish. It’s £8.95 and their double cooked chunky fries are another £3.25 to bring the total to £12.20. However we’d recommend upgrading all the way to the £3.95 sweet potato fries. Several respondents also praised their veggie burgers and one described their chicken burger as ‘the world’s best’.

The White Horse, Richmond These guys know their way around a butchers as well as their own kitchen. They recently came in second place for the best Sunday roast, so it was no surprise they did well here too. For £10.50 you get a delicious Charlcoft farm beef burger (it’s near Southampton, since you asked), classic garnish, triple cooked chips and mustard mayo. The White Horse was also extremely popular in the nominations, consistently describing the burgers as juicy, tasty and … massive.

So that’s our list. Congratulations to all those above. Of course every list is subjective and many people nominated burgers that we tried and enjoyed, but didn’t think were noteworthy as these. The good news is that the Borough is filled with good burgers so don’t feel that these are the only places to go!

Thanks to everyone who shared their opinions with us. We do appreciate it. We look forward to eating a little more salad in the coming weeks as we detox…

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