Shopping in Richmond

Richmond is definitely not short of opportunities to spend your money!

This page links to information about shops in Richmond for men's clothes, women's clothes, bridal, and kids clothes, as well as local farmers markets and local Richmond products.

Although Richmond town centre is renowned for great shopping, there are also many great places to shop across the Borough - with some particularly great independent shops on Teddington High Street, Twickenham Church Street and Barnes High Street. 

If we've missed a great local shop that fits one of these categories, please let us know. 

clothes shops Richmond Women's Clothes Shops
All the major fashion chain shops, plus local Richmond upon Thames boutiques. We have an excellent selection of women's clothes shops in the Borough.
Farmers Markets in Richmond
Information about the Richmond upon Thames farmers' markets including Twickenham, Barnes, Richmond and more. Great places to buy locally sourced produce, although not the cheapest way to eat!
kids clothes in richmond surrey Children's Clothing in Richmond
The best shops to buy clothes for children in Richmond upon Thames. There's an ever-growing market for kids clothes and we are surprised there are not more bespoke shops.
Men's Clothes in Richmond
All the major fashion chain shops, plus local Richmond boutiques for men. But mainly chains. It seems that men get much less choice than women in the area, so brace yourself for disappointment.
bike shops in Richmond Bicycle Stores
With the interest in cycling rising, there are more and more bicycle shops appearing in the Borough, many of them strong independent retailers.
sports shops in Richmond Sports Shops
There's a lot of sport going on around here, and therefore there are a number of good sports shops to cater to your needs - from shoes and clothes to balls, racquets and - anything you need.
bridal Richmond Bridal Wear
There are a number of good wedding dress and bridal wear shops in Richmond - we've pulled together all that we know - from dresses to hats and beyond.

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